Holiday blues – fear of being alone

Image by Iwona Erskine-Kellie, Wikipedia Commons

Fear of being alone during the holidays can be daunting. While teaching a Monday night writing class for Create Now at Camp David Gonzales, a county-run juvenile probation school and rehabilitation facility, I was told that many of the youth get upset and agitated during the holiday season. Bombarded by images of happy families, with the cornucopia of gifts resting at the base of a huge colorful tree in a snuggly living room… wasn’t part of their lives.

Some youth felt lucky, if a family member showed up for a holiday visit. But for many, their families were no-shows with excuses ranging from no transportation, too busy, no babysitter for the other children, we have to visit grandpa and can’t do both trips. So, no family member available to hug you during these holidays. Continue reading “Holiday blues – fear of being alone”