How friend networks contribute to your net-worth!

Super Friend Groups network at the Circle of Change Conference
Super Friend Groups network at the Circle of Change Conference!

Friend networks are your net-worth. Be the CEO of your own destiny! You’re born into a family but choose your friends, so choose wisely. The process starts with you; you are the CEO of your own destiny. To be a great friend is to attract great friends.  

Do you have super friend networks? Super Friend Groups is about how to change your life through your friends. How to find and organize those amazing friends who inspire and support you, and collaborate and share your goals and achievements. Develop a fully functioning, successful network.

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Friend or Friendly – Can you tell the difference?

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Guest, Angelica Holiday, shares her ideas on Friend or Friendly?

While chatting to Sara (my very young 70 neighbor), I blurted out “friend or friendly.” Sara paused and repeated my statement, “friend or friendly.” Before she could answer the question, I did so for her. “She’s not your friend Sara, she’s taking advantage of you.” I was trying to explain the difference between who is a friend and who is friendly.

Our conversation began when Sara complained that her friend had reneged on a financial promise, leaving her in the lurch. I said “…that’s not a friend,” that was someone trying to be friendly for her own gain.” Sara planned to ask her for half the financial amount she felt this friend owed her. I said don’t let her screw you Continue reading “Friend or Friendly – Can you tell the difference?”

Top TV Talent Reveals Secrets on True Friendship!

Top media talent, trainer and actress Idalis De Leon

Catching up with Idalis De Leon recently was a real treat. Idalis is a (fabulous) Hollywood actress, media talent and top media trainer, a friend and former colleague. We discussed true friendship, especially in high-powered burghs like Hollywood.

She’s crazy busy with training on air talent, and going on TV auditions. Recently, while watching my “guilty pleasure” on TV, Burn Notice, I see Idalis playing a baddie in stillettos!

So that triggered a call, which lead to a brainstorm storming session about true friendship.

We haven’t seen each other much since “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” at SiTV (now Nuvo TV), a talk show I was co-executive producer on, and she co-hosted with the infamously talented Neil Saavedra.

Since the show I’ve worked on Super Friend Groups, so we discussed what true friendship really is in the big city. While struggling in your career in that wonderful, crazy city, you attract like-minded folk. Some make it, others (the majority) don’t. But usually at one time, everyone struggles.

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Is it hard for you to make close friends? QUIZ

Ask yourself about close friends: why is it so hard to make these connections? Are you competitive or adventurous, loving or combative, supportive or a gossip. Since close friends are vital for your health, go deeper into your friendships rather than gathering more and more friend bodies. Take the quiz and find out how you’re connecting with your close friends.



Amazing and recent insights on the value of close friendships…

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Why is friend rejection painful?

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I have a terrific, lovely friend, Gabby. She’s curious, wholesome, generous, loving. And, she had a really, really bizarre and funky relationship with a business gal pal. This gal pal was often mean to Gabby. To Gabby it felt like friend rejection, she was never good enough, this gal pal put her down, tells her what to do or not to do, then ignores her, ugh.

Now, I’m not your usual friend. I shoot from the hip with compassion – kind of like Judge Judy at a meditation retreat – when my friends have personal or professional issues. I don’t candy coat the issue. I’m not sentimental (although I sometimes go awwww at cat videos). I give measured, and thoughtful (my words) responses (my husband thinks I should’ve been a lawyer) to my friends. Bottom line, I love solving real friend problems, issues, puzzles, and know that this kind of friend rejection sucks.

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