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Friend or Friendly – Can you tell the difference?


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Guest, Angelica Holiday, shares her ideas on Friend or Friendly?

While chatting to Sara (my very young 70 neighbor), I blurted out “friend or friendly.” Sara paused and repeated my statement, “friend or friendly.” Before she could answer the question, I did so for her. “She’s not your friend Sara, she’s taking advantage of you.” I was trying to explain the difference between who is a friend and who is friendly.

Our conversation began when Sara complained that her friend had reneged on a financial promise, leaving her in the lurch. I said “…that’s not a friend,” that was someone trying to be friendly for her own gain.” Sara planned to ask her for half the financial amount she felt this friend owed her. I said don’t let her screw you

Would you give a friend money? If you haven’t seen them in 5 years?


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My friend Brittany asked my opinion about an out-of-the-blue email she received from a former colleague and friend, Chris, who she hadn’t seen in more than 5 years. Chris was asking Brittany to give her $100. Would you give this friend money?

Chris’s story: She’s staying in a hotel, and about to go on a job interview. She’s one step away from being

How do you manage a friend break up? QUIZ

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When the juice runs out of your close friend connection. Or, there’s an argument, meanness that can’t be reconciled – what do you do? We’ve all been there, but there are no rules for a friend break up… until now.

How do work friends help you?


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Terrific news if you have work friends. Studies show that you’re more productive when you have friends at work. One study claims that you have “a reduced risk of death” over a 20 year period!

Do you fear missing out? Lonely Friend QUIZ

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When you’re with one friend do you wonder what your other friends are doing? Apparently, the Fear Of Missing Out – FOMO – is a growing social anxiety in our digital culture. You want to be in more places

How Listening to Friends Empowers Your Career! QUIZ

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Over and over I’m reminded of the importance of listening to friends. This weekend I had the privilege to attend the graduation of my dear friend’s daughter. During one our many stimulating conversations – my friend’s been a teacher of the year – she discussed how she teaches her students listening skills. She cited a radio host who asked Google about their employment policy. One of the top qualities Google