Declutter Friendships: Do your current friends inspire you?

Declutter your Friend group
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You may think about how some friends who have lost their loving feeling. Time to declutter friendships. In many friendships you’ve gone beyond their mutually beneficial value. Look at those people who really work for you now.  Or, do you project onto a friend what you want them to be and not who they really are today?

In all relationship cycles, there’s the starry-eyed period of 3 months; “you really know them” period ending at about 2 ½ years; and, the 5 year check in. Be bold and declutter friendships today by re-evaluating and re-organizing those who do and don’t add real value to your life.

Yes that’s right, many out-dated friendships are cluttering your life. Like that old box of photos, leg Continue reading “Declutter Friendships: Do your current friends inspire you?”