Our Mission Statement

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The mission of Super Friend Groups is to build healthier, happier, supportive friend connections. Discover how to:

  • Manage your friends by being aware of the friends who have your best interests at heart, and you them. Quid pro quo – “giving one valuable thing, for another.” 
  •  Provide opportunities for each other through collaborating with the friends who share your core values and purpose. Your good fortune is my good fortune.
  • Diversify your friends to include visionaries, practical people, supporters, connectors, doers, thinkers and self-designated counselors. One size doesn’t fit all, and your friend group can grow into an amazing Peer2Peer resource.
  • Find the freedom to make time for your A-List friends, while still finding space for your B-Listers and Extras. Be aware about spending too much time with people who lead you astray and work against your well-being, drain you and make you feel worthless.
  • Acknowledge friend success and find friends who acknowledge your success. Envy is a great deceiver, so know who has your best interests at heart. And, if you covet a friend’s work or relationship, work on yourself without harming your friend.  
  • Being a great friend starts with you. Become what you expect from others, and laugh and love these great friends who share your journey.


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