How friend networks are your net-worth!

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Are you an honest friend? Coming soon...

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Five words you want to hear...

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Amazing insights about negative friends

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10 Top Friend Tips for 30-somethings

Image by Bartdomanski via Wikimedia Commons

Image by Bartdomanski via Wikimedia Commons

Your 30s are a time for building a career and/or family. Your brain is finally formed (at age 26) and your focus is on building, building, building your life. Reputation, 401K, your home. But wait, do you remember

Friends 4th Celebration Treat!

Strawberry Shortcake Meringue Cookies


Image by Diary of a Mad Hausfrau dot com

My dear friend Lora, from Diary of a Mad Hausfrau dot com, shares her recipe for Super Friend Groups. She’s prepped an amazing strawberry shortcake meringue cookie recipe. Create these awesome friend

How do you manage a friend break up? QUIZ

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friend-break-upsImage by Tkgd2007 via Wikimedia Commons

When the juice runs out of your close friend connection. Or, there’s an argument, meanness that can’t be reconciled – what do you do? We’ve all been there, but there are no rules for a friend break up… until now.

How do work friends help you?


Image by Garry Knight via Wikimedia Commons

Terrific news if you have work friends. Studies show that you’re more productive when you have friends at work. One study claims that you have “a reduced risk of death” over a 20 year period!

Do you fear missing out? Lonely Friend QUIZ

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Image by Lonely2205 via Wikimedia Commons

When you’re with one friend do you wonder what your other friends are doing? Apparently, the Fear Of Missing Out – FOMO – is a growing social anxiety in our digital culture. You want to be in more places

How to Make New Friends?


By White House Press Office via WikiCommons

During Jay Carney’s announcement about leaving the White House as press secretary, he made a statement about discovering new friends. After discussing his White House work experience he said, “In mid-life you don’t often make a whole new set of friends.” – Huffington Post. Luckily your brain