Friends and Integrity: Did Paula Deen’s stand by her?

Angelica discusses integrity on the "Super Friend Groups Talk Radio" show
Co-host Angelica Holiday

Friends and integrity should be a healthy combo we strive to find in all our connections. But when things go bad, hurt us – how can we decide if a friend has integrity or not? We produced a radio show for Super Friend Groups Talk Radio on Paula Deen’s story. Where were her friends when she needed them most? Her family stepped forward, but her friends were absent.

Friends and Integrity: Paula Deen & Alan Chambers

Co-host Angelica Holiday and I discuss two recent apologies in the news on our blogtalk radio show. We explore how two different personalities portray their integrity through publicly asking forgiveness. Paula Deen and Alan Chambers were both in the news at the same time. Their approaches to their publicity was very different, revealing their differences in approach to volatile issues. Continue reading “Friends and Integrity: Did Paula Deen’s stand by her?”

Have it your way: Successful Friend Reunions


By Sue Krawcyk [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Ask yourself about friend reunions: Why did I lose contact with an old friend? How does this old connection fit into my current network? With Facebook and LinkedIn it’s easy to connect with old friends, but will they have real purpose in your current life? Recently, I had a trip down memory lane, but the journey was much more revealing than the destination.

While writing my guide-book to friendship, Living the Super Friend Groups Way, an old friend Amanda jumped into my mind. We’d been teenage friends and I’d always found her creative and smart. I searched and searched for her through all the social media outlets but couldn’t find her. I looked up her name on the Sydney’s white pages, to no avail.  Fast forward many years… Continue reading “Have it your way: Successful Friend Reunions”

Declutter Friendships: Do your current friends inspire you?

Declutter your Friend group
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You may think about how some friends who have lost their loving feeling. Time to declutter friendships. In many friendships you’ve gone beyond their mutually beneficial value. Look at those people who really work for you now.  Or, do you project onto a friend what you want them to be and not who they really are today?

In all relationship cycles, there’s the starry-eyed period of 3 months; “you really know them” period ending at about 2 ½ years; and, the 5 year check in. Be bold and declutter friendships today by re-evaluating and re-organizing those who do and don’t add real value to your life.

Yes that’s right, many out-dated friendships are cluttering your life. Like that old box of photos, leg Continue reading “Declutter Friendships: Do your current friends inspire you?”

Lending Friends Money: Is it a good idea?

Friends lending money to friends
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Lending friends money provokes a wide range of opinions from bank advertisements to famous money advisers. However, first assess the position of this friend in your super friend group before opening your wallet. Many people confuse good acquaintances or single function friends with close buddies, and that is when money lending can be disastrous.

As you’re the CEO of your own friend network, it’s time to figure out your company’s money lending policy: 1) When do I gift money and when do I lend money? 2) What are my financial deal breakers? 3) When do I say yes or no?

Lending Friends Money: In the bubble

Advisers have very clever advice on the matter… such as only give what you can afford and avoid co-authoring a loan (Lending Money to Family and Friends); if you lend money get a promissory note; Continue reading “Lending Friends Money: Is it a good idea?”

Friends at Work – are they important?

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Friends at work are vital if you make smart decisions. This question was recently posed to a career coach in a media industry newsletter: “As a new employee is it important to make friends at my new company?” The “expert” suggests that it depends on the office’s working culture – do others in the office socialize after work, or not? After many years working on TV and radio production crews that turned out to be either wonderful or challenging, I heard the mantra “make everyone your friend”… and saw the light.

While on an assignment consulting for a production group, I turned down an after-work birthday cocktail invitation, and cringe now at my reasons why. I knew these people would probably never be close friends so why bother? Now, in hindsight, I truly regret making that decision about these potential friends at work. By pre-casting a potential friend connection you can burn helpful, inspirational connections for your future. Grab the Diem! Continue reading “Friends at Work – are they important?”

Frenemies! Do you have one… really?

Discover the Truth About Friends
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“Frenemies” has become popular word describing friends you love to hate. Are these labels real or hyped by the media? We’ve been bombarded by media images of how friends should act or what they should mean to you. But let’s face it, when we watch television shows about runway models you understand that if you wore those fashionista clothes you would probably be the laughing stock of your social circle. So stop thinking frenemies and friends – they’re all one. Chuck out your media hyped notions.

As I’ve been a media producer for years, I’m launching my first Super Friend Groups post shaking up a common friend buzz word and discover friends… your way! Continue reading “Frenemies! Do you have one… really?”