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Joshua Fredenburg

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“I got a phone call from one of my long distance friends who lives 3,000 miles away in South Florida. We met 18 months but ago and we consider ourselves family.  Surprisingly, we have only spoken with each a couple of times throughout the past 18 months. This unexpected phone call turned out to be one of the most powerful “two-hour” discussions I have had with any of my long distance friends all year-long! Following this conversation, I am sharing nine qualities to live by:


Friendship Quality #1 

One of the signs of a quality friendship is that you do not have to work at making the relationship work, it flows smoothly and naturally without any effort at all. In essence, you can be who you are in the relationship and the person accepts you for who you are.


Friendship Quality #2 

The second sign of a quality friendship is that both individuals are not only doing good for one another all the time, but willing to do good for the other person regardless of how they feel, what they are going through, or whether they agree with you or not about something.  In effect, pressure, stress, opinions, beliefs, challenges, and adverse circumstances do not dictate how the person treats you on a daily basis.


Friendship Quality #3

The third sign of a quality friendship is that you can go days, weeks, or months without speaking with the person and the moment you both connect with one another again, you feel like you were just talking with them the other day. Time and distance from one another does not affect your connection with the other person because the connection is that strong!


Friendship Quality #4

The fourth sign of a quality friendship is that you and that other person have complete trust in one another and desire the best for one another.  With this type of friendship, there is a deep sense of trust in the other person, and you truly desire the best for the other person.


Friendship Quality #5

The fifth sign of a quality friendship is that you and the other person may not share all your personal experiences with one another, but for whatever reason, you both have an ability to speak, motivate, empower, and inspire the other person for success accurately. Although your friend may not know exactly what you are facing from day-to-day, when you’re around them, the conversations you have help you in areas you have not shared about yet.


Friendship Quality #6

The sixth sign of a quality friendship is that when you are with that person, you have total peace.  Now, I know things can get stressful at times with your friends, but when you develop this type of friendship, you have peace being with that person in the good and challenging moments of your life. 


Friendship Quality #7

The seventh sign of a quality friendship is that when you are with that person, without even trying, you make the other person better. This friendship is so great that both of you are positively impacted by just being around one another. How awesome, to have a positive impact on someone without even trying!


Friendship Quality #8

The eighth sign of a quality friendship is that your connection is deeper than the exterior qualities of the other person. The beauty (for relationships), the status, the connection, or any other exterior quality that causes you be friends with others does not matter because the inner connection is so strong that is supersedes the exterior.  Basically, your friendship is based on the inner rather than exterior connection.


Friendship Quality #9

The ninth sign of a quality friendship is that this friendship is so valuable to you that begin to understand why some elders make the statement that you will only have about “five” true friends in your lifetime.  Now, this is not to say that you will not have more than five friends, but there are certain friendships that supersede all the others. And, when it happens, you will know it!


Although there are many more things that I can share with you about keeping the quality up for long distance friends, these were the nine things that I was inspired to share with you and my Facebook friends this week.

Remember… successful long distance friends starts with you!

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