How friend networks contribute to your net-worth!

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Super Friend Groups network at the Circle of Change Conference
Super Friend Groups network at the Circle of Change Conference!

Friend networks are your net-worth. Be the CEO of your own destiny! You’re born into a family but choose your friends, so choose wisely. The process starts with you; you are the CEO of your own destiny. To be a great friend is to attract great friends.  

Do you have super friend networks? Super Friend Groups is about how to change your life through your friends. How to find and organize those amazing friends who inspire and support you, and collaborate and share your goals and achievements. Develop a fully functioning, successful network.

What is effective networking?

Effective networking is effective communication for your friend networks. I devised the LTRs and will review with you – Listen, Think, Respond.

Listen – to what the other person is saying, really saying;

Think – about what they’re communicating, using your smart brain;

Respond – to what you heard them saying, rather than reacting.

Often your friend networks are about what I, you, me want to get out of the conversation, and we forget to find the real connection by listening. Think from your heart. Respond with clarity.

Friend networks offer you keys to connecting.

However, know your deal breakers and boundaries when setting up professional relationships and protocols. If you discover that the river flows one way, then build a damn. Be clear about what you can offer.

One colleague who I hadn’t seen in 10 years, contacted me because she wanted me to read her 100 page book, single spaced, stream of consciousness. A very unrealistic expectation. After the first page I realized she probably spent about 3 hours to write it out, and I would take 8 hours to read and edit the draft.

I’ve developed a number of exercises to help clients navigate their friend requests. You don’t want to shut down the communication, but you also don’t want to waste your valuable time doing a task because you can’t say “no.” Remember, be kind to yourself!

Effective online social media profiles

Don’t confuse Facebook with real friendship, it’s a personal publicity site – therefore see it for what it is – publicity. You are your own brand so use your social media profiles as if you’re building your personal brand for the future.  

If I may throw in a little science here. These are social media friends – virtual / avatars. For my brand, I’ve researched about the brain and its responses. How much of our brain is consciously aware? Any guesses? 10 percent conscious; and 90 percent is subconscious… all those animal signals, all the real data processing, behavior you can’t see but know is there is hidden from you when connecting online. So think handshake, a look in the eye… that’s where real connection is the most valuable.  

For a fun discussion on networking, packed with loads of tips and advice click on: “Fear of Networking with Dr. Jonathan Brady” and listen to the show on Super Friend Groups Talk Radio!  Live Friend Friday radio each week at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

Develop positive business relationships.

The big mistakes you can make in networking is not having a plan a focus.

 1.      What is your intention for this discussion? Develop an intention for each networking event, and during your preparation think about what you can contribute. Treat those you meet as potential friends.

2.      What do you bring to the table? Know that you are young, fresh out of college and digi natives. Know what value you can bring to a brand, but leave your ego at the door. Be a friend who contributes to the conversation.

3.      Review the take-away information and turn it into action points. Was that a valuable networking function? How did the event inspire you? What did you learn? Capture these thoughts immediately, then follow up on your leads. Many of networking folk turn into a job lead or long-time friends.

Remember…. A great friend starts with you!

Image courtesy: Circle of Change Leadership Conference website.

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 Please note: I hide specific and identifiable details in my friend stories as these stories are examples of behavior and not meant to hurt anyone. These stories are based on my opinion and perspective, except when the people written about are in the public domain.

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