SFG Insider Talks About Friend Kerri Kasem & Her Battle to See Her Father, Casey

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Angelica Holiday

Angelica Holiday, this week’s guest blogger, writes about her friend Kerri Kasem and Kerri’s fight to see her father before he passes away. Angelica and Kerri have been friends for many years, so Angelica provides a unique profile of her friend Kerri Kasem and what’s currently happening in her life. 

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My dear friend Kerri Kasem and I worked with each other when she was a top TV Host and radio DJ. She’s the daughter of the legendary DJ Casey Kasem, known by generations for hosting “The Count Down Show,” America’s Top 40, Kerri is Hollywood royalty. Stopped from visiting her father by her stepmother Jean, Kerri’s fighting to get visitation rights to see Casey before he passes away.

UPDATE – Casey Kasem has been found: Kerri Kasem won “temporary conservatorship and was appointed her father’s temporary caretaker on Monday,” although her father could not be found until today 5/15/2014 in Washington State. The family looks forward to re-uniting with Casey soon.  See Huffington Post for updates on this story.

Kerri and I bonded over horseback riding and motorcycles; while I’m on the conservative side, Kerri’s the dare devil. We’re both girlie girls and spent many hours shopping together. A consummate health freak, Kerri eats what is most recommended cuisine and I eat what I like. When I had cancer, Kerri helped me buy my wigs, and sat with me for hours. A real test of friendship.

Kerri’s Life Suddenly Changes

friend kerri kasem
Casey Kasem photo by Alan Light / WikiCommons

On October 1, 2013, Kerri’s life changed suddenly. Kerri’s quick-witted playful spirit was dashed when she was prohibited from seeing her ailing 81-year-old father, Casey (he’s now 82). When we discussed this issue, we realized that there was no law to protect grown-up children from seeing their older, ailing parents.

During my friendship with Kerri, I’ve been included in many of her family events. Hanging out with her brother Mike Kasem (who is a DJ in Singapore), and their mom, and many other friends. I was always made welcome when we visited Casey at his home.

So it was devastating to me that Kerri can’t see Casey when he needs her the most. She has to set up a legal fight to sit by her father on his death bed. A life-changing event for her and her family, and a situation most of us take for granted.

How can I support her during this dreadful time? My friend instinct kicked into high gear. I would support her fight, and researched if there was any precedent and to find out the legalities on my mine. Yet there isn’t a precedent for her situation – children getting visitation rights to see their dying father or mother.

Offering Friend Support

Casey and Kerri Kasem photo provided by Kerri’s FB page.

After many tears and frustration, and doing battle, from fundraisers to protests, what I can also offer her is a calm place to re-charge and re-think, a place she can rest, away from the crowds. Laughter and tears are a valuable offering when you see a friend in pain. Kerri has a unique ability to be both vulnerable and transparent when she’s suffering. I admire her greatly and know my friend Kerri Kasem will be protected on her way, and I believe karma will be her best friend. No matter the final outcome, Kerri will hold her head high as she knows that she is the victor in her heart.

I know that this fight brings up a huge loop hole in the law, and if anyone can change the current situation, Kerri can. I’m proud of her for this fight. While her own case is still volatile, Kerri’s willingness to take up the cause, and make a difference for others who may one day face the same battle.

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Remember… the best friend is you!

UPDATE: Kerri Kasem won “temporary conservatorship and was appointed her father’s temporary caretaker on Monday,” although her father has been taken out of California and no one currently knows where he is currently. See Huffington Post for updates on this story.

Image courtesy: Angelica Holiday; Casey Kasem by Alan Light; Casey & Kerri Kasem photo permission granted by Kerri Kasem from her Facebook page.

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