Do you have fair friends?

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Cartoon courtesy of Nina Paley Wikimedia Commons

Twice I’ve had rocky times with friends in business, but during those times I discovered something amazing. Even while stressed out with my friend in our business commitments – all money and intellectual property dealings were divvied up fairly. The importance of having fair friends.

Fairness in friendship is an essential trait for me. It’s what I call “mini justice.” If you can reach that level of justice in your close relationships you’ll be better able to determine what’s fair on a broader social scale.

Fair friends are only tested or challenged when a conflict arises.

During the radio show we will discuss current cases in the news such as the Trayvon Martin lawsuit, and why many cases that go through the legal system are perceived negatively from both sides of the gavel.

During these times it’s important to reflect on your own beliefs around fairness both personally and socially.

Are your fair friends treating you fairly?

Do you listen to your friend’s concerns and respond or react? Can you calm down, be patient when you’re receiving either personal negative or challenging comments? Often, when you’re patient you can understand your friend’s point of view and reach a mediation point that’s successful for both of you.

However, if there is a fundamental difference in your ideas of fairness with no mutually agreed upon mediation point, then it’s reasonable to designate this friend to a less important role in your life.

Being fair to others and to your self may take a life time of practice. But, striving to find a quality of fairness for your friend toolkit inspires greater understanding and well being for your future.

Remember… a fair friend starts with you!

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