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Glenda Shaw biographical photograph
Photo by J Knox-Davies

I’ve lived in three countries, eight cities, and always had many, many friends. In High School I straddled the fence between the artistic edgy friends and the more popular sporty types. When I moved to Adelaide, Australia to go to college, 1,500 miles away from my family living in the Australian Capital Territory, some of my friends followed me there.

In a (ahem) rock and roll band…

During college we shared houses and Heather’s “lucky dress,” a stylish yet conservative navy and cream number that when worn to an interview always got us the job. When we each turned 21 we crowded into fancy restaurants with a week’s allowance, trying new dishes – frogs’ legs, snails. During those years, I was a drummer in an all girl group singing Maria Muldaur songs and “Hit the Road Jack” (never got a gig), while working backstage for an opera company. I moved to England to hang out with a friend, and stayed in America because of another one.

Moving around the nation…

My Santa Barbara friend group was filled with artists and movers and shakers, before most of us moved to bigger cities. I left for Los Angeles to write for movies and ended up on the producing team for “The Montel Show.” A year later the show headed to New York where my Queens friend almost killed me one night when she made me laugh so hard I choked on pasta at an upscale restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue.

When a friend landed an executive TV gig in Los Angeles on “Leeza,” she invited me to come back to supervise the staff. Working for TV and later on consultancy gigs many of my key friends focused on their families or careers/families and moved away.

Finding love through friends…

In one particularly low friend cycle I suddenly woke up and realized the disastrous effect some friends were having on me. From that experience, I spent years climbing out of the downward spiral and developed a unique guide and mentor program to help others navigate friendship: the “Super Friend Groups” system. This process starts with you.

I’ve targeted my super friends and each one has added amazing value to this global initiative. I am humbly the director of content with a shoot-from-the-hip Judge Judy attitude mixed with a spiritual adventurous outlook similar to Elizabeth Glibert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Start today…

Find your authentic friend self and take responsibility for your own network and future!

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