Is it hard for you to make close friends? QUIZ

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Ask yourself about close friends: why is it so hard to make these connections? Are you competitive or adventurous, loving or combative, supportive or a gossip. Since close friends are vital for your health, go deeper into your friendships rather than gathering more and more friend bodies. Take the quiz and find out how you’re connecting with your close friends.



Amazing and recent insights on the value of close friendships…

Studies of female primates conclude that the company of a small but trusted band of other females reduces damaging spikes in stress hormones.  Having a circle of trust to “mop up the cortisol spills that can weaken the immune system” (as New York Times writer Natalie Angier puts it) may contribute to the fact that women live longer than men.” (Read Why Girlfriends are Good for a Woman’s Health by Suzanne Braun Levine,, June 19 2012).

The value of close friends…

Understanding the value of close friends means going deeper into the friendship, it’s a brain and body response, which will help you understand that getting deeper with close friends, will help you thrive!

Remember… your close friends start with you!!

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