How Listening to Friends Empowers Your Career! QUIZ

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Over and over I’m reminded of the importance of listening to friends. This weekend I had the privilege to attend the graduation of my dear friend’s daughter. During one our many stimulating conversations – my friend’s been a teacher of the year – she discussed how she teaches her students listening skills. She cited a radio host who asked Google about their employment policy. One of the top qualities Google Continue reading “How Listening to Friends Empowers Your Career! QUIZ”

Does your argumentative style hurt friends? QUIZ


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Once upon a time I had a friend who always had to be right. She was argumentative, and dismissed others’ ideas. She just loved to “win” the argument, not realizing that those around her threw up their hands in frustration not defeat. Why did this friend insist on being right? Or, is this you? “Come on, it’s just Continue reading “Does your argumentative style hurt friends? QUIZ”

Is being a busy friend the new status symbol? QUIZ

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Your friend calls you for a fun date night – you’re too busy. You’re a busy, busy friend which leads to a stressed out brain and unhappy life! Is busy the new status symbol? Take the QUIZ.

Is being a busy friend the new status symbol?

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You think telling your friends that you’re busy elevates your status. Yeah, yeah sometimes you are truly busy on a project or life transition, but many use their status as bragging rights, or you’re disorganized. If you’re too busy to connect beware, as your brain doesn’t love busy. Continue reading “Is being a busy friend the new status symbol? QUIZ”

Surprising Celebrity Friendships – Quiz!

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This fun celebrity friendships quiz was inspired by a CNN website item – “Surprising Celebrity Friendships.”  As I love promoting all different stuff about friends, I thought I’d test your star-studded knowledge (don’t peak). 50 Cent is friends with who… really? Which famous musician is the godmom to Angelina Jolie’s children? Some you may guess, others you know, and a few will leave you scratching your head. But before you sneak a peak, test your chops about surprising celebrity friendships!! (All the correct answers are at end of this post!)

Surprising Celebrity Friendships – QUIZ!

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Following celebrities and their celebrity friendships is fun but it’s no substitute for creating your own close Continue reading “Surprising Celebrity Friendships – Quiz!”