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SFGs Talk Radio Mood Tracker Chart
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Do you have flaky friends or is there something else going on? Join host Glenda Shaw and co-host Angelica Holiday, with special guest Dr. Jonathan Brady discuss this insightful topic.

During the show we discuss the difference between those flaky friends who are unreliable, always late… and those friends who truly find it difficult to cope with their lives: Depression, mood swings. On the show Angelica suggests a tool that may help: a Mood Chart which is a way to track behavior. CLICK on MOOD TRACKER link to the CHART.

Do you really know what’s going on in your friend’s life?

The “Flaky Friends” Deconstruct

Generally absent minded. I have a friend who loves to hang out with me when I’m around, but forgets me when I’m not in her immediate vicinity. I realize that’s just who she is. Now, I manage my expectations in this friendship. Find out how!

Overactive sense of self. Years ago, I realized that a friend only calls when she needs something. My ego-driven friend’s value outweighs what I consider annoying behavior, find out what to do to manage these friendships…

Friends who are truly suffering

Friends who suffers; inability to cope, mental disorder and depression. I have friends who find it difficult to cope and they usually keep their suffering secret for a long time. Standing me up, breaking a date at the last minute is nothing compared to the days they spend trying to get out of bed.

Joining us today is Dr. Jonathan Brady – www.bradyesque.com. Go to www.superfriendgroups.com for more information.

Listen to our 30 minute discussion starting at 11 am PST/2 pm EST.

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Nigella Lawson Friends vs. Fans! Would You Stand by a Friend in a Crisis?

Nigella Lawson and Friends
Image courtesy of Phil Guest [CC-BY-SA-2.0) via Wikimedia Commons
Would your friends stand by you in a crisis? We review Nigella Lawson friends vs. fans. The latter group judges or chats about her with little personal information. Real friends don’t talk.

There’s been a lot of press on Nigella Lawson, the “choking incident” lunch (captured by a tabloid photographer), with her husband Charles Saatchi. Many of her fans are weighing in about how she should divorce (which was decreed July 31 after 10 years of marriage), or become an advocate for spousal abuse, or, or… news flash to Fans – you don’t know her. You may think you know her, but most of her fans have never met her in person.

Interestingly, her fans have had more press about this situation than her close friends. Possibly because her true friends are keeping it zipped.

Nigella Lawson Friends: Real Friends Don’t Talk

Her friends have offered their support of Nigella, including her good buddy, and former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. And, other friends, including Jemima Khan have been standing by her without announcing tidbits about the nature of their support in the press.

Continue reading “Nigella Lawson Friends vs. Fans! Would You Stand by a Friend in a Crisis?”

Do you have fair friends?

Cartoon courtesy of Nina Paley Wikimedia Commons

Twice I’ve had rocky times with friends in business, but during those times I discovered something amazing. Even while stressed out with my friend in our business commitments – all money and intellectual property dealings were divvied up fairly. The importance of having fair friends.

Fairness in friendship is an essential trait for me. It’s what I call “mini justice.” If you can reach that level of justice in your close relationships you’ll be better able to determine what’s fair on a broader social scale. Continue reading “Do you have fair friends?”

Lance Armstrong Friends, Courage and Champions

Photo courtesy: de:Benutzer:Hase via Wikimedia Commons

Who shows real courage… your friends or sports/cultural champions? I track famous people who have seemingly displayed great courage only to fail themselves, their fans and their own brands: James Ray, Lance Armstrong and other cultural and sports heroes. Lance Armstrong friends. We discuss courage and champions on Super Friend Groups Talk Radio!

Real Lance Armstrong Friends, Real Courage? Radio PROMO

Do you have a friend who has great courage? Angelica discusses when dealing with her most difficult cancer treatments, her friend Lynn showed amazing courage by supporting Angelica each and every day. Find out more about this story on Super Friend Groups Talk Radio! Continue reading “Lance Armstrong Friends, Courage and Champions”

Friends and Integrity: Did Paula Deen’s stand by her?

Angelica discusses integrity on the "Super Friend Groups Talk Radio" show
Co-host Angelica Holiday

Friends and integrity should be a healthy combo we strive to find in all our connections. But when things go bad, hurt us – how can we decide if a friend has integrity or not? We produced a radio show for Super Friend Groups Talk Radio on Paula Deen’s story. Where were her friends when she needed them most? Her family stepped forward, but her friends were absent.

Friends and Integrity: Paula Deen & Alan Chambers

Co-host Angelica Holiday and I discuss two recent apologies in the news on our blogtalk radio show. We explore how two different personalities portray their integrity through publicly asking forgiveness. Paula Deen and Alan Chambers were both in the news at the same time. Their approaches to their publicity was very different, revealing their differences in approach to volatile issues. Continue reading “Friends and Integrity: Did Paula Deen’s stand by her?”