Friends and Social Media – Back to School!

Back to School_Friends and Social Media
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Do you have lots of friends on social media? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr? As one sophomore recently confessed to me, he only has 600 friends. 600 friends?!! That’s not a friend group that’s an army battalion (300 to 1,200) and some of you probably have numbers as big as a military brigade (3,200 to 5,500)! Friends and social media what’s it really all about?

Now let’s think about this, do you have 600 friends, or 600 “friends”? These numbers are popularity meta data, fodder for the ad agencies, avatars on your wall. Are these people really friends?

Social media is not very social anymore, its promotional.

Flashing hundreds of faces, uploading endless photo stream is promoting your media profile, and not (in my well-researched book) friendship. A barrage of dog images, cat virals, fuzzy cafe shots running down Continue reading “Friends and Social Media – Back to School!”

Back to School Friends – Making Awesome Friend Decisions!

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Do you have terrific friends who will inspire you this year? Are you excited about your back to school friends? If not, why not? If you learn how to choose friends wisely during your school and/or college years you can set a pattern for life. Stop being a fool for crazy friends who keep you down or gossip behind your back. And why settle for friends who are convenient but uninspiring?

The school year starts with you!

Ask yourself, what do you want to get out of this year? Then, ask yourself… do you have the friends who will support your goals? It’s time to figure out how to maximize this school year! Continue reading “Back to School Friends – Making Awesome Friend Decisions!”