Best friend resolutions and new friend ideas 2014

Image by: Per Ola Wiberg, via WikiCommons

Why do people treat their friends like pets? In many articles writers interview and discuss people’s friends, but they leave me wondering if they’re talking about the four-legged friends or the biped variety. Good companions, fun to play… although a few may have quirky behavior; some bite while others act like Labradors. Maybe you’ve “bought” one or two (metaphorically) while others you’ve rescued. But, mostly they’ve brought joy (occasional angst) into your life and home. Make best friend resolutions for 2014!

I’ve thought about the “why,” and have the answer. And, this answer will lead to astounding new insights and resolutions, intentions and new friend rituals for 2014.

Yes, your pets are cross-species friends and terrific companions, yet the biped variety are your future. Yes, Continue reading “Best friend resolutions and new friend ideas 2014”