Is being a busy friend the new status symbol? QUIZ

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By Bilboq via Wikimedia Commons

Your friend calls you for a fun date night – you’re too busy. You’re a busy, busy friend which leads to a stressed out brain and unhappy life! Is busy the new status symbol? Take the QUIZ.

Is being a busy friend the new status symbol?

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You think telling your friends that you’re busy elevates your status. Yeah, yeah sometimes you are truly busy on a project or life transition, but many use their status as bragging rights, or you’re disorganized. If you’re too busy to connect beware, as your brain doesn’t love busy. A busy, busy friend may fear deeper connections.

“So we have a problem that is based in a cultural belief that our importance and relevance is determined by this frenetic pace. The only problem with this is our brain really doesn’t respond well to this battering of data and stimulation… We become cognitively overloaded and our executive functioning, performed by our prefrontal cortex is impaired. Not only do we not think clearly, we lose our ability for perspective, working memory, will power or self-control and long term planning.” Clare Goodman, The Life Effect – Oct 10, 2013

So next time when a friend calls and you’re about to say “I’m too busy,” think again, make time, and give your wonderful brain a break.

Remember… changing the busy friend status starts with you so breathe and call a friend today!

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Image courtesy: By Bilboq (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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