Are You Realistic about Business Friends?

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Based on image by Gigillo83

Who do you invite to support your business or career project? Business friends are powerful allies, choose wisely and don’t confuse their value with one size fits all friends. I’ve confused their contribution in my friend network but quickly learned about a business friend who was just that, a solid business friend.

Attracting people who provide you with the power to launch your project, business, internships or mentorship is a great friend endeavor. If you want solid information and no one in your current friend group has that information reach out and create a specialty friend group. I call these folk power players. They may not be in your life for the long haul, but they can sure have a long-term impact.

Years ago, I was wondering why my colleague would only talk business – was he a friend or not? Often when I have a question to brainstorm I contact Al – a shoot from the hip kinda guy. He challenged my thinking around the question of business friends:

“What exactly do you want Mr. Biz to do?” Al asked.

“Well, help with the business side. Do the budgets, get traction with clients.”

“And is he doing that?”

“Well, yes, but he’s never offered networking opportunities or introduced me to his wife.”

“Why would he introduce to his wife?” Al asked.

“Because we’ve known each other for years, we’re friends.”

“What’s that got to do with knowing his wife? Who do you call if you need a budget template?”

“Mr. Biz.”

“Is he cool about it when you ask for business stuff like that?”

“Yes,” I replied sheepishly.

“Sometimes you have to pigeonhole people.” OK, so think inside the box. “Don’t wreck it by expecting him to do this or that… this guy serves you well; concentrate on that.”

“Is that a friend?”

“I don’t know, but its good policy, and you won’t drive yourself crazy expecting more from him than what he’s willing to offer.”

In our short conversation, I got a dose of Al’s cognitive counseling. Now I concentrate on Mr. Biz’s generosity and spirit in what he could offer me in business, and not demand my version of friendship. And most importantly, he’s trustworthy – the opinions we shared in the office, stayed in the room.

I consider him a power player in my life.

Change the way you think and approach your business friends, because remember…  a great friend starts with you!

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Image courtesy: Gigillo83 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Please note: I hide specific and identifiable details in my friend stories as these stories are examples of behavior and not meant to hurt anyone. These stories are based on my opinion and perspective, except when the people written about are in the public domain. Any advice in this blog is from my insights, research and opinion only, and must not be considered as legal or medical advice.

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