Can You Be an Honest friend?

Are you an honest friend?
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Be honest with me now: Do you feel bad when a friend asks your opinion and you’re too afraid to tell them the truth? You don’t want to hurt her/his feelings as they’ve worked hard on the project, event, or outfit. I wish I had some honest friends when I had my make-up done for a friend’s wedding by the guy who did Danielle Steel’s (or one of those popular writing dames) TV make up. I had so much goop on my face, and lines highlighting this brow and that beauty spot, I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. During the reception I got a few surprised looks. After the wedding I laughed out loud when I saw the photos. What on earth was I thinking?

Honest Friends are the best policy… embrace the cliché.

Have you ever hidden the real deal from a friend and it’s come back to bite you in the butt? Yes, and yes. I had an incident many years ago when I worked at a newspaper and Jen was a budding writer. She desperately wanted to get a piece published, so I assured her an opportunity and gave her an assignment, without reading her prior work. When the article arrived it was terrible. But, I gritted my teeth and showed it to my boss, who tossed it on the floor just missing the garbage can. If I wanted to print this junk I had to re-write it. Which I did, to my friend’s horror. She accused me of setting her up for failure. I’d intercepted her dream, which was being a published writer. Continue reading “Can You Be an Honest friend?”

How friend networks contribute to your net-worth!

Super Friend Groups network at the Circle of Change Conference
Super Friend Groups network at the Circle of Change Conference!

Friend networks are your net-worth. Be the CEO of your own destiny! You’re born into a family but choose your friends, so choose wisely. The process starts with you; you are the CEO of your own destiny. To be a great friend is to attract great friends.  

Do you have super friend networks? Super Friend Groups is about how to change your life through your friends. How to find and organize those amazing friends who inspire and support you, and collaborate and share your goals and achievements. Develop a fully functioning, successful network.

What is effective networking? Continue reading “How friend networks contribute to your net-worth!”

Friend lies and forgiveness

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When I was a teenager a friend in our Saturday night group confessed a secret, she had a brain tumor. Shocked and upset we all rallied around and supported her. She was going in for an operation, which always seemed to get postponed. Through all of this, she remained hopeful yet somber. The brain tumor was a lie that lead to many other friend lies that lasted months. No tumor no operation no recovery.

Before we knew the truth, we hugged and loved her until she finally did leave for her “big operation.” After a week or so she returned, no shaved head, no scar, and she looked healthy and almost perky. How did the operation go? We all asked, suspiciously. Fine, a success. She kept up this farce for a while until Continue reading “Friend lies and forgiveness”

Are You Realistic about Business Friends?

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Who do you invite to support your business or career project? Business friends are powerful allies, choose wisely and don’t confuse their value with one size fits all friends. I’ve confused their contribution in my friend network but quickly learned about a business friend who was just that, a solid business friend.

Attracting people who provide you with the power to launch your project, business, internships or mentorship is a great friend endeavor. If you want solid information and no one in your current friend group has that information reach out and create a specialty friend group. I call these folk power players. They may not be in your life for the long haul, but they can sure have a long-term impact.

Years ago, I was wondering why my colleague would only talk business – was he a friend or not? Often Continue reading “Are You Realistic about Business Friends?”

Would you give a friend money? If you haven’t seen them in 5 years?

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My friend Brittany asked my opinion about an out-of-the-blue email she received from a former colleague and friend, Chris, who she hadn’t seen in more than 5 years. Chris was asking Brittany to give her $100. Would you give this friend money?

Chris’s story: She’s staying in a hotel, and about to go on a job interview. She’s one step away from being Continue reading “Would you give a friend money? If you haven’t seen them in 5 years?”