Friend or Friendly – Can you tell the difference?

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Guest, Angelica Holiday, shares her ideas on Friend or Friendly?

While chatting to Sara (my very young 70 neighbor), I blurted out “friend or friendly.” Sara paused and repeated my statement, “friend or friendly.” Before she could answer the question, I did so for her. “She’s not your friend Sara, she’s taking advantage of you.” I was trying to explain the difference between who is a friend and who is friendly.

Our conversation began when Sara complained that her friend had reneged on a financial promise, leaving her in the lurch. I said “…that’s not a friend,” that was someone trying to be friendly for her own gain.” Sara planned to ask her for half the financial amount she felt this friend owed her. I said don’t let her screw you Continue reading “Friend or Friendly – Can you tell the difference?”

SFG Insider Talks About Friend Kerri Kasem & Her Battle to See Her Father, Casey

Angelica Holiday

Angelica Holiday, this week’s guest blogger, writes about her friend Kerri Kasem and Kerri’s fight to see her father before he passes away. Angelica and Kerri have been friends for many years, so Angelica provides a unique profile of her friend Kerri Kasem and what’s currently happening in her life. 

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My dear friend Kerri Kasem and I worked with each other when she was a top TV Host and radio DJ. She’s the daughter of the legendary DJ Casey Kasem, known by generations for hosting “The Count Down Show,” America’s Top 40, Kerri is Hollywood royalty. Stopped from visiting her father by her stepmother Jean, Kerri’s fighting to get visitation rights to see Casey before he passes away.

UPDATE – Casey Kasem has been found: Kerri Kasem won “temporary conservatorship and was appointed her father’s temporary caretaker on Monday,” although her father could not be found until today 5/15/2014 in Washington State. The family looks forward to re-uniting with Casey soon.  See Huffington Post for updates on this story.

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How to keep amazing long distance friends active!

long distance friends
Joshua Fredenburg

Guest blogger Joshua Fredenburg: National Speaker, Author, Leadership Expert, and President of the Circle of Change Leadership Conference provides emerging and seasoned leaders. Visit his website at World’s Next Top


“I got a phone call from one of my long distance friends who lives 3,000 miles away in South Florida. We met 18 months but ago and we consider ourselves family.  Surprisingly, we have only spoken with each a couple of times throughout the past 18 months. This unexpected phone call turned out to be one of the most powerful “two-hour” discussions I have had with any of my long distance friends all year-long! Following this conversation, I am sharing nine qualities to live by: Continue reading “How to keep amazing long distance friends active!”

Making and Keeping Friends!

Super Friend Groups Sam Geiger
Sam Geiger

Sam Geiger, this week’s guest blogger, is a poet, former martial artist and writer-for-hire, delicately steeped in spiritual studies and music, with a full dose of English study at University of California, Irvine. She shares her opinions on making and keeping friends for this week’s post.

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The key, as I have found, to maintaining healthy friendships, comes first from an acceptance of the self. To say that you cannot love someone else before you love yourself is too facile; it is more accurate to say that one must accept oneself to fully accept others.

1) Be passionate. Be, as some might snidely say, a dork. Get excited about the things you like. Sharing them with other people can come as easily as breathing when you have a deep love for things that interest you.

2) Be critical of your behavior, but be kind to yourself. It is easy to swing too far in one direction or the other; to become egotistical on one end, or self-deprecating on the other. Being self-aware is the key. Realizing how your behaviors affect yourself and the people around you can help you shape your Continue reading “Making and Keeping Friends!”