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Do your friends have a purpose in life?

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Do you have a negative friend? QUIZ


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While having a negative friend may be hard to deal with, science shows that they can’t help it! We’re all hard-wired to react to negative information more strongly than positive information for survival.

Studies show (see Prospect Theory) that people find it more distressing to lose $1,000 than feel elated and rewarded by winning $1,000.


  1. Here’s an example. Just say you’re a monkey in a forest and have a solid source pantry – a banana tree. One morning your banana tree has been chopped down and all the bananas are gone. Oh no, you’ve lost all your resources and your stress levels skyrocket. You have to scramble to survive and find another tree. Your brain puts you on high alert.
  2. However, this time your banana tree is a cornucopia so you decide to head further in to the forest. You spot another banana tree and jump up and down with joy. It’s a reward, and our brain loves a reward. But those bananas are a bonus tree and your survival doesn’t depend on them. You won the forest lottery, and enjoy its bounty.

Are You Realistic about Business Friends?


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Who do you invite to support your business or career project? Business friends are powerful allies, choose wisely and don’t confuse their value with one size fits all friends. I’ve confused their contribution in my friend network but quickly learned about a business friend who was just that, a solid business friend.

Attracting people who provide you with the power to launch your project, business, internships or mentorship is a great friend endeavor. If you want solid information and no one in your current friend group has that information reach out and create a specialty friend group. I call these folk power players. They may not be in your life for the long haul, but they can sure have a long-term impact.

Years ago, I was wondering why my colleague would only talk business – was he a friend or not? Often

How to meet & make successful friends!

successful-friendsHow do you make successful friends? Malik Stalbert is a black belt martial arts professional and trainer as well as an IT executive. Through years of working with his clients on and off the dojo mat, Malik has developed innovative ideas on how to make successful friends. He shares his top 5 Friend Actions with Super Friend Groups.

This week he discusses his first action for successful friends:

Action 1: Clear Purpose & Direction

Look for someone who has a clear purpose and understanding of what they need to do in their own and who have a life plan. You’re talking about inviting them into your life and if they don’t know where they’re going they’ll syphon off your energy.

A friend isn’t around you all the time, so you’ve got to figure out how much energy you want to spend on a friend. Having a direction and plan is one of the first things I look for. A potential friend must be emotionally

Giving me feedback? Think again, my critical friend!


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So you criticize a friend, big deal, get over it. There was a friend years’ back who was constantly criticized by a dear yet critical friend – “why don’t you drink red wine, it’s better for you,” “can’t believe you still live in Los Angeles, the people are so shallow there.” Hmmm… if this’s friend feedback, pass me the Jack Daniels and ice!

If you continually criticize a friend, ask yourself why? You can change yourself, so find out what’s motivating negative or bossy jabs at your friend! “Can’t believe you still live in Los Angeles (with a fun job and friends, but really…) everyone’s so shallow there.” Are you feeling envy, competitiveness, scared,

Friend or Friendly – Can you tell the difference?


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Guest, Angelica Holiday, shares her ideas on Friend or Friendly?

While chatting to Sara (my very young 70 neighbor), I blurted out “friend or friendly.” Sara paused and repeated my statement, “friend or friendly.” Before she could answer the question, I did so for her. “She’s not your friend Sara, she’s taking advantage of you.” I was trying to explain the difference between who is a friend and who is friendly.

Our conversation began when Sara complained that her friend had reneged on a financial promise, leaving her in the lurch. I said “…that’s not a friend,” that was someone trying to be friendly for her own gain.” Sara planned to ask her for half the financial amount she felt this friend owed her. I said don’t let her screw you